A Holistic Approach to Property Development

We offer a holistic, start-to-finish development process. This begins by sourcing and securing a profitable development opportunity and ends with the building of beautiful new homes that can then be sold to residents, or kept as buy-to-lets and rented to prospective tenants.

Our properties are designed to fulfil the aspirations of homeownership for our buyers. We prioritize creating high-quality, fully functional homes where individuals can not only live but also work comfortably. We strive to provide spaces that evoke a sense of comfort and truly feel like home. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our customers are not only satisfied but also excited each time they step into one of our developments.

We draw on the experience and knowledge of skilled professional partners from within the construction industry, whether that is investors, planning consultants, project managers, architects, finance brokers, construction experts, building contractors or structural engineers.

Although Watcal is a ‘business’, it was set up for more than just profits. I am determined that, even in a small way, our efforts will support local communities. We plan to achieve this by providing much-needed housing and improving the overall feel of our towns through the regeneration of old, tired, unused and often unloved properties.

Playing By The Rules

We use permitted development rights or property with existing planning approvals to give us a head start when working on our developments. This means that we don’t always have to go through the full planning process, which speeds up and de-risks our projects substantially.

Our business size and position are such that we operate in a niche market and focus on a highly professional and efficient manner of completing small-scale developments. These developments are too small for the big, nationwide developers and too large for the private individual, but the perfect size for our medium-sized team to take on.

This niche allows us to find opportunities that are missed by most developers, meaning we have a consistent supply of projects that our investors can get involved in.

Benefit From Our Established Team

By having partnerships with an established team of construction professionals, investors and estate agents we ensure we are delivering the highest quality finished product and that our knowledge and skill base are always at the cutting edge of current requirements and development practices. Creativity and innovation – with such a strong partner team, we can spot opportunities that are often in plain sight. A building that looks unusable could actually be a “gem” for development. By bringing the power of the team together, we can ensure we use all spaces efficiently and create high-quality desired homes.

Specialists in Property Development

Our ideal property would be an old office building or a light industrial unit situated in or close to an existing residential area. These types of property can be converted in an efficient manner and are often overlooked by other developers. Our ability to see the opportunities presented by these types of properties and the techniques we can employ to develop these puts us in a niche and advantaged position.