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The UK is in a housing crisis. As it stands, we need over 300,000 new homes a year to keep up with our growing population. A lack of supply with an ever-increasing demand is forcing property prices up.

Our mission is to answer the cry for housing by looking at commercial properties. Often run down and sometimes abandoned, they provide a great option for converting into beautiful new homes. We also work with properties or land that have pre-existing planning permission. We work with a select group of private investors to fund our projects. We pride ourselves on providing opportunities where together we can support local communities and give people affordable new places to live.

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All our projects are project managed and delivered by highly experienced professionals, consultants and contractors who we form lasting partnerships with. We work with suppliers and consultants that are industry-recognised, highly respected and have completed many successful developments.

Every project we undertake is completed to the highest of standards.

Our Values And Principles

To operate with a highly professional and risk-managed approach that provides mutually beneficial and lasting results for all clients and partners alike. Whether you’re a private investor or a professional services provider or a property owner looking for a buyer you can trust, we pride ourselves on being an honest and reliable team that ensures everyone benefits from transacting with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We can take on old commercial buildings such as shops, banks, offices and light industrial units and convert these into much needed accommodation such as flats. With the recent changes to online shopping, online banking and people working from home there are many properties available that would be great to convert in homes. You only have to walk down any high street and there are properties empty and sometimes quite run down. By carrying out these conversions not only do we create new living spaces we also improve the look and feel of the local community.

Firstly we have to source the properties to convert. We do this through our partnerships with commercial estate agents predominantly. Once a suitable property is found we will carry out a full project feasibility review to understand financially and technically what works are required and the associated costs. If a viable project then we will work with both private and commercial investors to secure funding. We work with some of the best property development partners such as architects, project managers, quantity surveyors, planning consultants, building contractors and many more highly experienced professionals to actually deliver the project. By partnering with these “best in class” experts we ensure we can deliver high quality products in a very efficient manner.

Permitted development rights are a group of laws brought in by the government that ease many of the historic problems with the planning process. They allow certain properties to be converted from commercial use to residential use using a quicker and objective approval method. Getting full planning permission can be a bit of a “lottery” while the revised permitted development rights open up new opportunities and help to mitigate planning risk.

We were established to take advantage of the demand for new housing and the fact that there are many commercial buildings available to convert. Our strength is gained by engaging a team of professional partners. This partner team bring many decades of combined knowledge and experience within the property development arena that provide all the required disciplines to deliver a successful project. By operating with this approach it means we are efficient, agile and able to work with the very best. It also opens up a fantastic niche market as we can focus on those developments that are too small for the big nationwide developers and far too big and complex for local building contractors.

We use a mixture of our own investments and funds from commercial lenders and selected private investors.

We are in the East Midlands and this is our business focus area.

The benefit of how we operate through our partnership approach with development experts means we can flex to the project demands; this could mean from a few hundred thousand pounds up to several million pounds. We are not restricted as we can adapt to the project in front of us.

Yes we are always interested to look at any property that is on the market or if the owner is looking to sell off market. We would also look at building land or properties that have planning approved and perhaps not covered by permitted development rights.

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